Notre jour viendra (Our Day Will Come) (2010) - Romain Gavras

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Country: France
Language: French

THE M.I.A clip for "BORN FREE" become a MOVIE! The immaculate Vincent Cassel (Black Swan, Mesrine, Irreversible) is collaborating with renowned director Romain Gavras, who turned YouTube upside down with his hard-boiled and controversial music video for M.I.A.'s 'Born Free', where a fascist government detains the red-haired in concentration camps, and thereby indirectly creates a guerilla army of terrorists/freedom fighters, dressed in strawberry helmets and ammunition belts. 'Our Day Will Come' is a kind of feature film sequel, though now with humour. The red-haired teenage thug Remy lives in a terraced house and spends his days fighting with his mother, his sister and the local hooligans. One day, Remy meets the charismatic psychologist/psychopath, Patrick (Vincent Cassel), who decides to systematically test his young prodigy's limits. Soon, the two of them establish a 'red front' in a revolutionary struggle for recognition, and for an independent state in the holy land of red-heads: Ireland. A hopeless escape from a more or less imagined enemy, leaving a trail of minor destruction and bizarre behaviour behind them. The clash of civilisations is just around the corner in Gavras's witty and provo-cynical allegory of everyone's struggle against everyone, in an age where the majority is a minority, and it is cool to stand out.

Size: 1.36 GB
Source: DVD-R
Video codec: XviD

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