Hatalyan (The Hangman) (2010) - Netalie Braun & Avigail Sperber


Country: Israel
Language: Hebrew

The administrator of the mass deportation of Jews to the Nazi death camps Adolf Eichmann, was hanged in Israel's first and only execution.

The Hangman is the story of Shalom Nagar, an unassuming Sephardic Jew who was Eichmann’s guard in prison and later, reluctantly, his executioner. Though he played a pivotal role in the tragic epic of the Holocaust, Nagar is a simple man who now lives a quiet religious life, dispensing street philosophy and slaughtering animals for local Jews. In the film he shares intimate details about Eichmann in prison, as well as vivid and graphic recollections of the execution. Nagar admits he’s been scared ever since the hanging, and that it changed the direction of his life. He also talks about other important moments in Israel’s history that challenged his faith.


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