Wer Küsst Schon Einen Leguan? (Second Hand Child) (2003) - Karola Hattop

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Country: Germany
Language: German


Tobias (Frederick Lau), aged 13, lives in an East German city and his life is as depressing as the blocks of flats in his quarter. He doesn`t know who his father is, his classmates think he is "anti social" and pick on him permanently and his mother Anja lives together with the ignorant and violent Fritze. During a dispute in his class, Tobias claims that his father came back from South America with an iguana. The next day, he shows his amazed classmates and teacher the animal and a photo of his father. The problem: the iguana and the photo belong to his neighbour Max, head writer of a daily soap opera with low ratings. When Max realizes that Tobias searches his friendship, he thinks that the boy`s story could be a good plot for his show. Thus, he looks after Tobias, but Anja`s suprising death changes everything....

Country: Germany
Language: German
Subtitles: Separate English
Genre: Drama/Family
Actors: Frederick Lau as Tobias Baumann, Sven Lubeck as Florian
Titus Novotny as Felix, Jonas Richter as Daniel
Runtime: 1:29:08
Format: avi
Size: 699 MB
English Subtitles



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