Tsuma no kokoro (A Wife's Heart) (1956) - Mikio Naruse

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Country: Japan
Language: Japanese

Small, well-constructed, and really quite good.  We get a lot of subtext right off the bat, as the "happy" Takamine-Kobayashi marriage functions on such a purely practical level that its absences are conspicuous.  When she finds love outside the marriage, Takamine is so predisposed to snap that her husband's decisive demonstration of decency does nothing but create a bitter sense of obligation in her.  So the conventional "marriage tested and restored" plot, complete with the hope of financial success at the end, is actually a cover for a mirror-image "happiness promised and withdrawn" emotional dynamic that is as fully worked out as one could want.  Takamine is very good, throwing in a particularly nice impression of a stereotypical cheerful hostess in the restaurant scenes; many directors would present such flexibility of self-presention as insincerity, but Naruse always accepts it as natural and never underlines it.  The high-profile conflict over money with Kobayashi's family turns out to be just a warm-up test for the couple, but it is one of Naruse's scariest depictions of familial pressure.

VIDEO: Codec: Xvid
Frame Rate: 23.976
Resolution: 640x472
Running Time: 1:37

AUDIO: Codec: mp3
Channels: 2
Bit Rate: 128



madotsuki said...

can you please reupload part 4 somewhere else (fileserve/megaupload/mediafire/rs) ?

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here is RS link


madotsuki said...

thanks a lot :)

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