Samy y Yo (Sammy and Me) (2002) - Eduardo Milewicz

Country: Spain
Language: Spanish

Review by imdb user drdancm-2;

"This excellent movie has not received the credit that it justly deserves. Sammy is a hilarious Woody Allen Character, but this is not a Woody Allen movie. The writing is brilliant and absolutely hilarious. Ricardo Darin's (Sammy) and Angela Cepeda (Mary) both play their parts superbly. Darin's voice, gestures and mannerisms brilliantly portray Sammy who has inherited his pessimism from his late father who within the first 2 minutes of the film lays the foundation for Sammy's adult character, the poster boy of Low Self Esteem. If you have seen Ricardo Darin in other films you will see a totally different person, which is always the sign of a talented actor. Angela Cepeda is perfect as the bubbly, optimistic, breathtakingly lovely young woman who recognizes Sammy's talent and leads him, fighting tooth and nail, to unexpected success with his very own television show. She is not only beautiful but also very smart, honest and fair minded. Unlike most of the other characters, such as Sammy's family or his so called "girl friend Esther, Mary appreciates his talent and comes to truly care for him. All of the supporting actors are excellent, along with the musical score.

In keeping with the acting , the writing and directing is excellent. I've watched this movie many times and find it even more funny and brilliant each time I see it.

You have to watch the very end and pay attention so that you don't miss the fact that this love story will have a happy ending. Don't miss this movie, it's first rate!"

English sub included.


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