Prinsessa (2010) - Arto Halonen

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Country: Finland
Language: Finnish

IMDB Comment: In 1945 a mental hospital receives a patient who will be known to all as Princess. The patient is fortunate because the staff at hospital will attempt to cure the patients relying on various new methods, that aren't too schoolbook-like. In this somewhat 'liberal' environment Princess will become known to all as some kind of Her Royal Highness who can, maybe surprisingly too, treat everyone as if she really possessed the grace and power of a sovereign. But of course the reality will always strike back, softer or harder.

The movie is based on real events which roll by in fast but still at an enjoyable pace. The film could be enjoyable too because it contains a good deal of the top cream of contemporary Finnish actors, not to mention the Finnish rock star Paula Vesala who makes a decent, if not just great, debut on the screen as a supporting actress. Despite the film is about a serious mental illness I couldn't but laugh at few scenes - even if some scenes are really tragic and even terrifying, no one can escape the fact that life never needs to be too serious even if the environment is against you.

English subtitle.


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