L'assassino è ancora tra noi (The Killer Has Returned) (1986) - Camillo Teti


Language: Italian
Country: Italy

L'assassino è ancora tra noi is a movie directed in 1986 by Camillo Teti. Another late giallo made in the late seventies or early eighties and within this group of titles as Giallo a Venezia, The New York Ripper and the like where the notorious and brutal scenes were very violent, with some difficult scenes to forget. This movie is based on a real case of some serial murders committed in Florence and it appears that they have not yet been resolved. The protagonist is a young student named Christiana criminalogía Marelli who decides to write his thesis on this murderer named "the Monster" and dedicated to assassinate pairs of lovers having relations in remote areas. Many suspects have Christiana and some He starts to receive threats, while the murderer is still killing ... Really great scenes of sexual violence and mutilation, and bizarre the whole issue of voyeurs and their practices. The movie is not a giallo in the classics, has a lot of crime thriller, although the script is a classic as Ernesto Gastaldi, author of many well-known giallo. Although not a big genre, has its morbid fascination and interest for the amateur.




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