Bakushu (Early Summer) (1951) - Yasujiro Ozu

Country: Japan
Language: Japanese

In postwar Tokyo, this household is loving and serene: older parents, their 28-year-old daughter Noriko, their married son, his devoted wife, and two rascally sons. Their only discontent is Noriko's lack of a husband. Society is changing: she works, she has women friends who tease and argue, her brother sees her independence as impudence, she sees it as normal. When her boss suggests that she marry a 40-year-old bachelor who is his friend, all the members of her family press her to accept. Without seeking their advice, and to their chagrin, Noriko determines her own course of action.

 | 1458.9 MB | Runtime 2:05:03 | b/w |
Language : Japanese
Optional subtitles : English / Turkish
Audio Track-1 : mp3, 48000 Hz, 82 Kb/s, 1-ch (Japanese dub.)
Audio Track-2 : mp3, 48000 Hz, 76 Kb/s, 1-ch (English commentary)
Video : XviD, 1390 Kb/s, 23.97 frm/s, 528x400 (4:3)


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