(Komt een vrouw bij de dokter) Stricken (2009) - Reinout Oerlemans

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Country: Netherlands
Language: Dutch

Stijn and Carmen have everything: They are young, successful and wealthy. They live a perfect live in Amsterdam and move to Amstelveen when they have a child, Luna. Then the world collapses as Carmen is diagnosed with breast cancer. Going in and out of the hospital, first chemotherapy and later radiation therapy, throw up, the whole cancer package is there. Stijn has trouble dealing with it and starts living a second life. By day he's all but support to Carmen, by night he goes out, drinks and has lots of sex with lots of woman. Carmen has always known that Stijn is not the faithful type, but after her breast is amputated she gets less confident and finds herself troubling over his unfaithfulness. For Stijn it has always been just sex, until he meets Roos. During the cancer period he sees her more and more. Then a miracle, Carmen is better. She asks of Stijn to quit cheating and to work things out between them...

Release date: 10.12.2010
Source: Bluray 
Size: 1,36 GB
Video codec: XviD
Video bitrate: 1 339 Kbps
Runtime: 01:53:00 
FPS: 24.000 
Resolution: 720x304                           
Audio language: Dutch                           
Subtitle: Bulgarian, Russian    



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