Call Girl (2007) - António-Pedro Vasconcelos

Country: Portugal | Brazil
Language: Portuguese

A crime thriller involving political corruption. 

IMDB: This is the first movie of Portugese cinema I had ever seen, and I have to admit that this movie is really great. Especially the character of Maria or Vickey, which is played very professionally and seductive by the actress Soraia Chaves. Her call girl role is fully achieved. I think all the viewers have fallen in love with her! I was looking throughout the internet and I didn't found any Hollywood movie played by this brilliant actress. She should immediately enter to the Hollywwod, because she's a very good actress, I'm very sure that her appearance will be totally a success. Of course, this movie still remains local, not internationally known, the producers need to make a better publicity, if this movie was produced by Hollywood the success would be much more bigger.

Anyway, I'm totally content by the storyline and by the cast. Many greetings from Albania, and I'm still awaiting to see any new Portuguese movie. Girl 1.avi.001 Girl 1.avi.002 Girl 1.avi.003 Girl 2.avi.001 Girl 2.avi.002 Girl 2.avi.003

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