Yatterman (2009) Takashi Miike

Yatterman (2009) aka Yattâman

Genre: Sci-Fi | Action | Comedy
Director: Takashi Miike
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Subtitles: English (.srt file)
Aspect Ratio: Cinemascope 2.35:1
Length: 111mn
File: Dvdrip Xvid Avi - 688x288 - 23fps - 1.36b

A splashy, fun addition to Takashi Miike's eclectic film canon, this deliberately overblown live-action film version of a popular late-'70s anime TV show spoofs the very notion of mounting big-budget widescreen adaptations of animated kids' fare. Between adults' nostalgia for the trashy delights of the original skein and the lust of crazed juve fans for pretty-boy pop star Sho Sakurai (to judge from the screaming Asian tweens attending "Yatterman's" Gotham premiere), the pic should rock locally following its March 7 release. But constant in-jokes and ginned-up sexual suggestiveness make Stateside distribution improbable. Yatterman, as it turns out, to the linguistic bemusement of English-speaking viewers, is two people: Yatterman 1, aka Gan, a boy in blue (Sakurai) and Yatterman 2, aka Ai, a girl in pink (Saki Fukuda). Together with a canine robot dubbed (what else?) Yatterwoof, they protect the world from the evil Doronbow Gang, composed of sexy Lady Doronjo (Kyoko Fukada) and her two henchmen, rat-faced mechanical genius Boyacky (Katsuhisa Namase) and pig-faced strongman Tonzra (Kendo Kobayashi).

From an opening that finds Tokyo in spectacular shambles by the time the collective Yatterman arrives, Miike delights in subverting the series' conventions with such loving exactitude that even those unfamiliar with the TV show can readily figure out what's being joshed. Miike sometimes inserts tongue-in-cheek "explanations" via 2-D animation, such as an instructional cross-section cutaway of Yatterwoof's inner workings.

In contrast to the pumped-up f/x strategy deployed in, say, "Transformers," the big-eyed bots in "Yatterman" retain their status as toys, albeit tremendously oversized ones. The more hyperbolic this CGI extravaganza becomes, the more it keeps its kid-friendly brand of cheesiness, along with a loopy imaginativeness that is pure Miike.

The money-making scams that finance the villains' increasingly wild robotics are thematically coordinated, so the peddling of discount wedding dresses (modeled by Doronjo) breeds the giant "Bridesmaidiot," with gun turrets for nipples. The sale of giant sushi yields a tentacle-swinging "Spencer the Squid," with attendant guppy warriors.

Miike has considerably amped up the sexual content, a la "Austin Powers," whether through grotesque inanity (warring megarobots of opposite genders, overcome by passion, get it on in a clinch of crunching metal) or in the pubescent libido of its straight-arrow hero (flinging aside his faithful No. 2, Yatterman 1 buries his head between the thighs of a damsel in distress, ostensibly to suck the poison out of a scorpion bite). Indeed, erstwhile repressed desire throbs everywhere.

But despite the stunningly idiotic gags, the dingbat musical numbers and dazzling color schemes, the pic's repetitive episodic structure ultimately trumps Miike's parody of it, and becomes wearisome after a while. Relentlessly cacophonous soundtrack matches the nonstop visual onslaught.


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