Wild Side (1995) Donald Cammell

Wild Side (1995)

Genre: Thriller
Director: Donald Cammell
Country: USA
Language: English
Subtitles: none
Aspect Ratio: Widescreen 1.85:1
Length: 110mn
File: Dvdrip Xvid Avi - 608x336 - 25fps - 702mb

Anne Heche
Christopher Walken
Joan Chen
Steven Bauer
Allen Garfield
Adam Novak

Alex Lee is a Long Beach bank executive who moonlights as a $1,500-a-night call girl. Bruno Buckingham, one of her clients, is an international money launder who takes an instant liking to her. His chauffeur/bodyguard Tony turns out to be an undercover FBI agent who forces Alex to cooperate with him to get to Bruno otherwise he will nail her for prostitution. Alex starts a sensual affair with Bruno's Chinese wife Virgina Chow, who doesn't realize that Bruno is setting her up as a patsy to take the blame for his crimes. Nobody is what they appear to be, everybody is trapped and wants out of the situation, but no one can let go of what they desire.

Intriguing, eye-opening thriller this, featuring an outrageous, insane and over-the-top performance from Christopher Walken even compared to his usual crazed output. Essentially a romance between the two leading ladies, Walken is the central figure and catalyst of all events as his loopy as hell gangster feller messes around with some women, is picked on by some dodgy coppers, and generally acts like a total loon. Joan Chen and Anne Heche are good as, respectively, his longtime girl and partner in crime, and his newest conquest and hobby, both putting in subtly sensual and remarkably sympathetic performances, and Steven Bauer is impressive (in the first role I've really noticed him in since Scarface) as the totally twisted, corrupt undercover cop on Walken's back, but this is really all Walken's show, as he chomps at the scenery with massive gusto. The atmosphere is dark and warm and a little steamy, there's plenty of expensive looking whisky about the place and people leading lives on the edge of sanity; the tragic Cammell's last film is a dark, intense, often inspired and occasionally hilarious gaze into the wilder side of sexuality and empowerment. Definitely one to watch with an open mind.


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sfb2 said...

Top-Movie !!
especially Anne Heche...
Many thanx NLZ...;-)

sfb2 said...

Excuse me for "talking" ;-) so much here, but i like this film so much and so i have to make this notes:
There are FIVE !! different versions of this movie around, mainly a 92min studio-version (unrated), a 70min studio-version (Rated) and a "directors-cut" 111min, which is this version above (fortunately)..
it is said that this one is the best version around...

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