Vedma [Evil] (2006) - Oleg Fesenko


Cheerful and charming journalist Ivan is known for his passion for secular parties and public scandals. When his boss to go supernatural phenomena occurring in a distant city, sees no enthusiasm. Intending to hurry away with him an assignment, Ivan goes out. However, his car gets stuck on a deserted unfamiliar roads, which leads the hero to the old house, where the lost traveler can find shelter. ... When the clock strikes midnight, in the doorway journalist appears very nice girl. A womanizer, he uses all his charm and quick reciprocity. Ivan has no idea that embraces maiden turn into a nightmare ...

Genres.........: Horror
Country........: Russia
Language......: Russian
Subtitle.........: None
Size..............: 692Mb

 2006.avi.001 2006.avi.002 2006.avi.003 2006.avi.004 2006.avi.005


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