Umur (2002) - Kai Lehtinen

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Umur (2002) - Kai Lehtinen

Genre: Drama, Romance
Director: Kai Lehtinen
Cast: Heikki Rantanen, Minna Turunen, Juhani Niemelä, Rea Mauranen
Country: Finland
Language: Finnish, Saami
Subtitles: English, Swedish, Finnish for hearing impaired people (srt files)
Aspect Ratio: 1.85:1
Length: 98 min
File: DVDRip Xvid Avi - 656x384 - 25fps - 700 MB

Set in front of the overwhelming landscape of northern Finland, somewhere near the Russian boarder. A soldier falls in love with a enigmatical beauty that comes and leaves as she wants. The seasons come and go, while he feeds on their short happy moments in the woods. She eludes and unravels herself, too.

The images Kai Lehtinen finds for his simple love story touch, they circle around the animation of the nature - seemingly - promising solitude. Bittersweetly filmed emotions, lucid faces, the Finnish sense of humor, silently melancholic; how hard is it to swim back into our sphere from that poetic dream.

This is made in a fashion, rarely anyone else than the Finnish can achieve. Not only a feast for the eye, but a meditation that touches heart and soul.

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