Tito (2004) - Tarek El'eryan

This Egyptian action film is about Tito (Ahmad Al Saqa), who was sentenced to 16 years in jail after a burglary when he was a kid. After he gets out, he goes back to crime with a corrupt police officer, but also befriends Fares (Amr Waked), and the two open up a unique restaurant. Fares introduces Tito to Nour (Hanan Turk), a physician, and they fall in love, and Tito is trying to leave his life of crime.


IMDB COmment: Why 'Tito' is the best Egyptian action movie of all time? 1- The direction is nearly perfect, Tarek el Arian has definitely created his masterpiece by this astonishing way of direction. It gets us so deep into the movie that you can easily feel what Tito's thinking about or the way he looks to life. The action scenes are a feast for the eye and a real revolution in how action scenes can be made in an Egyptian movie.

2- The cinematographer did really a very very good job. He could by the use of camera's contrast to create a real depressing atmosphere to the picture that gets you really into the mood that Tito has at the moment, which added some high value to the reality and to how convincing the movie is.

3- 'Tito' has the BEST original score ever made in a middle eastern movie, Hisham Nazih proves by this art work that he is one of the best Arab music composers. The soundtrack is an unforgettable one that stuck to any one who watched the movie's head and this is one of the main reasons that will help 'Tito' to be a real Egyptian classic.

4-The acting is hilarious, Ahmed el Saqqa is the only actor I could think of as Tito, he played his role so simply and spontaneously that makes you even like Tito more and more due to his innocence and loyalty which were easily expressed by Ahmed El Saqqa. Khaled Saleh, with one of his first movies, proved that he's an uprising star and that he deserves to play roles as powerful and important as his role in 'Harb Atallia' or 'Omarat Yakoubian'. The rest of the crew were not bad and they could serve the picture well.

I guess all that I've said is enough for any one to watch it... It's just UN-miss-able!!!

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