Thriller (1960) Season 1

Season 1

Thriller (aka. Boris Karloff's Thriller) was an hour-long TV Horror anthology series that originally aired on NBC from 1960 to 1962. Horror fans who grew up in the 1960's and 1970's were nearly enraptured with the content and structure of this show. Indeed, in his non-fiction book on horror, Danse Macabre, Stephen King calls Thriller "the best horror series ever put on TV" (224; 1983 ed). At the beginning of each hour, Hollywood's master of the macabre himself, Boris Karloff, would set the tone and prime the viewers for frightful and chilling dramatizations based on the works of some of the era's greatest writers in the genre - writers like Robert E Howard, Cornell Woolrich, Richard Matheson, and Robert Bloch. Each episode was shot in eerie black and white and offered at least one story, with a few episodes dividing the hour between two or three shorter plays.

Episode 1 - 37

File Size Total:.......... 22.2 gig
File Size Average:......600mb
Duration:........... 49:54.634 (Average)

Subtype:............ OpenDML (AVI v2.0), (All)
Video Codec:........ XviD ISO MPEG-4 (All)
Wth x Hght:......... 640 x 480 =[1.333:1] (All)
Video Bitr:......... 1500 (Average)
Bits/Pixel:......... 0.209 (Average)
FPS:................ 23.976 fps (All)
Compatibility:...... B-VOP , , (All)

Audio Codec:........ 0x0055 MPEG-1 Layer 3
Audio Bitrate:...... 128 CBR (most with some smaller AC3's)
!0 of witch has dual audio tracks
7 of witch has triple audio tracks
Subtitles:......... NA - Promotion With Boris Karloff.avi - The Twisted Image (dual)_kg.avi - Child's Play_kg.avi - Worse Than Murder_kg.avi - The Mark of the Hand_kg.avi - Rose's last Summer_kg.avi - The Guilty Men_kg.avi - The Purple Room (dual)_kg.avi - The Watcher_kg.avi - Girl with a Secret_kg.avi - The Prediction (dual)_kg.avi - The Fatal Impulse_kg.avi - The Big Blackout_kg.avi - Knock Three-One-Two_kg.avi - Man in the Middle_kg.avi - The Cheaters (tri)_kg.avi - The Hungry Glass (dual)_kg.avi - The Poisoner (dual)_kg.avi - Man in the Cage_kg.avi - Choose a Victim_kg.avi - Hay-Fork and Bill-Hook (dual)_kg.avi - The Merriweather File_kg.avi - The Fingers of Fear_kg.avi - Well of Doom (tri)_kg.avi - The Ordeal of Dr. Cordell_kg.avi - Trio for Terror (dual)_kg.avi - Papa Benjamin (dual)_kg.avi - Late Date (tri)_kg.avi - Yours Truly, Jack the Ripper (tri)_kg.avi - The Devil's Ticket_kg.avi - Parasite Mansion (tri)_kg.avi - A Good Imagination_kg.avi - Mr. George (tri)_kg.avi - The Terror in Teakwood (tri)_kg.avi - The Prisoner in the Mirror (dual)_kg.avi - Dark Legacy (dual)_kg.avi - Pigeons from Hell (dual)_kg.avi - The Grim Reaper (tri)_kg.avi

Thanks to original uploader AW @ KG


Throatwobbler Mangrove Jr. said...

Unfortunately, these files are too large for non-premium-users to d/l them via filesonic. Any chance to find them on a different server? (MU, perhaps?)

Apart from that: thank you very much for a very helpful site!

eagle said...

Same problem here. Please upload it to MU.

Peter said...

Yah, I realize this site must have an "exclusive" sponsorship by Filesonic wherein they try to force us into buying their downloads. On another movie, I posted alternative RS links and these were immediately removed. Even though this has long been accepted practice to offer others options.
Unless you are rich, no-one can afford to buy all the different services (I already have RS and HF). But then if you are rich you would probably just buy DVDs.
I find it annoying that Filesonic is bullying its way into the market in this fashion. Also over at WorldsCinema site. For shame.

galmuchet said...

Don't say anything ... you're not alone on this world and they are a lot of different posters! Someones use filesonic, fileserve or Megaupload, hotfile, netload, rapidshare ... this is their choices not yours.

Just check posts from filmtiger, NLZ, piratebay, galmuchet, belubettlo: Atos, cinemax, wolfy13 ... etc ...

And all hoisting services offer free downloads you just have to be patient and use correct downloaders

robert said...

i found 4 episodes on smz.....but i do support
galmuchet's commentary : hey guys the point is to surf the magnificent always can find anything at the end for FREEE

keep on postin' all you guys
but....suggesting things can be ok when the magic words are told(pleaze...pleaze.....pleaze)

Forbidden||Soul said...

@peter: we don't endorse any filehosting service here, contributors are free to choose their own hosting service. No one is bullying no one here.

Rosen said...

Nice post! Btw, these episodes can also be found, with RS links, at Retroflix

robert said...

hmmm yeah REtroflix : i would need an invitation code to get into this!!!!



robert said...

wow so funny as i said on upper message : on WWW
you can find freely almost anything when looking a little bit : i googled ''karloff thriller RS'' and !!! FIRST answer i got it : it's SO EASY!!!!!

thanks (Forbidden-Soul) for the re-discovery of this series i saw on Quebec television when i was kid( in french!!!)

robert said...

BTW guys(and/or girls...)
what do you think of the recent RS changes???

all the others : MU; HF; FS; as free users i can
manage to go-around....
but for RS : it's very hard to be a free user : there are too many difficulties to go through to grab a whole movie....
and i stayed a RSpro user because they are still the biggest yet...

what do you think about that???
where is all this going???

Virtualburn said...

I agree with all the comments in that we all have a choice, it just seems that the best posters on this site have sold their souls to 'FileSonic' whihc if you are in the UK cannot access because of a 'known fault' which can be bypassed by buying premium HA!

I have a premium account on RS and seriously I have paid about 6 Euro and still have 208 rapids left.. with 191,244 MB left until 27 November in whcih time I will buy another month for 99 rapids.. there simply isn't a better premium service out there right now. After RS screwed up they put things right in a big way.

Also I don't think alternate links posted should be removed, it's all about sharing isn't it?? or is there another reason why the poster would prefer you use their links?


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Peter said...

Well, a big, bold Filesonic banner at the top of the page certainly does imply sponsorship.
And they ARE holding a gun to your head if you must buy premium to get files over a certain size.
And yeah, I know all about looking elsewhere, but I love this site (no stupid pop-up ads) as well as Worldscinema. Two of the very best, ever.
So don't take my criticism lightly, I do it out of love.

PS - Glad there's a good discussion of this going on!

dileffante said...

The first thing I do when I see something interesting here, is to google for alternative, non-filesonic links... And this, despite the fact that I DO have a premium account of FS! It's just that
(1) I hate them for bullying around.
(2) Their service sucks even for premium. For starters, I can't use flashget with them. All their site, news, FAQ, etc., is for the would-be-millionair uploaders, they don't care about downloaders at all.

The only reason I have that premium account is for the ebooks at avaxhome; FS became a monopoly there and I had no chance. But they SUCK. If the uploaders are so desperate for money, why not gather some through donations in this site? I have given (almost) every time there has been a donation campaign here, and would be happy to do it again.

robert said...

thank u for some answers we do learn everyday on this subject...and yes
it also depends on what each of us like to grab...

i still do some emule....but it looks like it's dying!!!

and i get a lot from torrents, too....but it's a hassle for the ratios!!!

RS and all is a very good option

it's really sad for us when it's an exclusive and very rare posting, when the poster doesnt offer alternatives...
herein this case THRILLER is not so a rarity...
posting it is though giving it a second life
and we are all pleased...
THANKs again

Forbidden||Soul said...

folks will make a mirror at fileserve soon, hold on please.

@virtualburn: write to to get a one month free filesonic premium account. :)

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