Stanno tutti bene [Everybody's Fine] (1990) - Giuseppe Tornatore

Stanno tutti bene [Everybody's Fine] (1990) - Giuseppe Tornatore


Matteo Scuro is a retired Sicilian bureaucrat (responsible mainly for the writing of birth certificates), a widower with five children, all of whom live on the mainland and hold responsible jobs. He decides to surprise each with a visit and finds none as he imagined. The film is a veritable travelogue across contemporary Italy, as Matteo journeys to Napoli, Roma, Firenze, Milano, and Turino to search for each of his children; he even spends one night on the streets among the homeless. Scuro returns to Sicily, visits his wife's grave, and reports with irony that "stanno tutti bene.

Country..........:Italy | France | USA
File size..........:881 MiB
Duration..........:1h 54mn


Aman said...

can not play these 5 files, file extension name is missing...tried to change file extension name .avi and .rar also but there is error. pls help

galmuchet said...

Piratebay forgot to precise use HJsplit to join these files (free on the web)

Aman said...

thanx alot...i can play it now :)

mitsos said...

Hi.The second link downloads the file ...avi.001 again,so the second part of the movie is missing.

piratebay said...

Second part was not missing..while making the 2nd part a clickable link, the 1st part's link was pasted again...Second part was always there and still there..Though i have now put the 2nd part clickable with proper link

mitsos said...

Thanks,everything works fine now

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