Prea târziu [Too Late] (1996) - Lucian Pintilie

Prea târziu [Too Late] (1996) - Lucian Pintilie


In this French-Romanian thriller, a rookie prosecutor teams up with a female topographer to investigate the mysterious death of a coal miner. Upon his first look at the mine, prosecutor Costa feels appalled by the terrible, unsafe conditions there. He makes a full report to the mine administrators but they, fully aware that their mine is a death trap, and caring only for profit, are disinterested. The miners, desperately needing their jobs, would rather keep things quiet too. Meanwhile Costas and Alina, the topographer become better acquainted until news of a newly discovered corpse, in a supposedly closed section of the mine reaches them. More bodies then turn up. Costas finds a key clue in some early mine footage and with only that, manages to bring the killer to justice.

Genres............: Drama | Thriller
Country...........: Romania
Language........: Romanian | Swedish
Subtitle..........: English, French
Size.................: 699Mb

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