Our Song (2000) - Jim McKay

[RS] Our Song (2000) DVDRip x264

Language: English (English, English SDH, Spanish subtitle tracks)

Country: USA

Genre: Drama

Director: Jim McKay

Starring: Kerry Washington, Marlene Forte, Rosalyn Coleman, Carmen Lopez

Synopsis: Jim McKay follows up on the critical success of his Girls Town (1996) with this sensitively-wrought, finely-etched character study of three teenaged girls living in the Crown Heights section of New York City. Though it is summer, the trio find themselves locked in a demanding rehearsal schedule for their prize-winning marching band. Yet this is one of a sundry responsibilities these girls must shoulder. With their parents over-worked, absent, or in jail, they must take care of all household chores and hold down dreary soul-deadening jobs. To make matters worse, their school is closing down for asbestos removal. Yet the most pressing concern for Maria (Melissa Martinez) is her discovery that she is pregnant, for a second time, after a latex-free tryst with a classmate. She is reluctant to consider an abortion, though the prospect of telling her harried mother seems no less daunting. Her best friend Lanisha (Kerry Washington) is supportive, but Joy (Anna Simpson), the third in the trio, cools to Maria, preferring to retreat into a world of fantasy. This film was screened at the 2000 Sundance Film Festival.

* Contains a commentary audio track with Director Jim McKay.

IMDB (6.7/10  431 votes) | RottenTomatoes (90%  51 Reviews Counted) | AllMovie (4/5 stars)

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