Orphée (1949) - Jean Cocteau


Jean Cocteau - Orphée (1949)
aka: "Orpheus" - "Orfeo"
DVDRIP | 95 min | MKV-x264 656x480 | 24 fps | AC3 192 kb/s | 1.13 GB
Language: French | Subtitles: English - German - Spanish - Portuguese - Russian .srt
Genre: Fantasy | Drama | Romance

Director and writer: Jean Cocteau - France - 1949 - b&w
Cast: Jean Marais, François Périer, María Casares, Marie Déa, Edouard Dermithe, Henri Crémieux, Juliette Gréco, Pierre Bertin, Roger Blin

Cinematic poet Jean Cocteau explored the myth of Orpheus on no fewer than three occasions: "Le Sang d'un poète" (1930), "Orphée" (1949) and "Le Testament d'Orphée" (1960).
This second of his "Orpheus" trilogy stars Jean Marais in the title role. Updated to contemporary Paris (albeit a Paris never seen before or since), the story concerns a sensitive young poet named Orpheus, who is married to the lovely Eurydice. Another young poet, Cegeste, is killed in a traffic accident. In the hospital morgue, Cegeste's patroness, The Princess of Death revives the young man; then, both Cegeste and Princess pass into the Underworld. Back on earth, Orpheus receives cryptic messages from Cegeste's spirit, as well as nocturnal visitations from the Princess. Meanwhile, Orpheus' wife enters into an affair with Heurtebise. After seeking advice on her mixed-up love life, Eurydice is herself struck down and killed by the same cyclist who snuffed out Cegeste's life. It appears to Heurtebise that the ghostly Princess has claimed Eurydice so that she, the Princess, can be free to love Orpheus. Heurtebise persuades Orpheus to accompany him into the Underworld in hopes of returning Eurydice to life...


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