A Million in the Morning (2010) - Jason Goldwatch

A Million in the Morning (2010) - Jason Goldwatch


A Million In The Morning starring Gavin McInnes from Vice magazine. The film follows 8 contestants as they compete as part of the Movie Watching Championship, all trying to break the World Record for most consecutive hours without sleep…while watching movies…in a clear plexiglass box…in the middle of Times Square…
Apparently there’s a Guiness World Record for most consecutive hours watching a movie. If you want to break that record, you have to stay up for 123 hours and watch at least 57 movies; and you can’t look away. Seriously, even a “long blink” constitutes disqualification. A Million in the Morning is the documentary that follows eight contestants as they try to beat said record. The doc takes some unusual turns as it follows one of the contestants, Gavin McInnes, as he slowly goes literally insane from sleep deprivation.
Netflix sponsored the event, and the documentary- but took their name off the documentary when the crew went wild on the streets.

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