L'Insegnante Viene a Casa (The teacher comes home) (1978) - Michele Massimo Tarantini

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The piano teacher Luisa De Dominicis, he moved from Milan to Lucca, where is the man she is in love, the city councilor Ferdinand Bonci-Marinotti. The woman, who believes a bachelor, is persuaded to give him a pleasant surprise: he, however, is not only married, but as mayor hopes to get out of the upcoming elections, fearing that the presence of the lover frustrate his hopes.

While all the males of the building - from the goalkeeper to his son, a colonel from the landlord - Luisa lusts, think it's a blast, Ferdinand tries to carve out, including an election commitment and the other, a little 'time to his girlfriend. Now an unexpected, and now the other, however, prevent him from being with her. Sick of this situation, the more he discovered that Ferdinand is married Luisa gives the court the young Marcellus, the son of the landlord, which has proven to be sinceramene love with her.

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