Le Parfum de la Dame en Noir (2005) - Bruno PODALYDES

(Policier Comedie) Le Parfum de la Dame en Noir [DVDrip] 2005

XviD-811 | mp3@64| 720x320 | French (English srt in file) credit to o.u.| DVD Cover | 1h51 | 705 Mb

France 2005
Réalisation Bruno PODALYDES

Avec Denis Podalydès (Joseph Rouletabille), Sabine Azéma (Mathilde Stangerson), Zabou Breitman (Edith Rance), Olivier Gourmet (Robert Darzac), Jean-Noël Brouté (Sainclair), Pierre Arditi (Frédéric Larsan / Naja-Bey), Vincent Elbaz (Prince Galitch)

For the Frenchies --> http://www.unifrance.org/film/25038/le-parfum-de-la-dame-en-noir
Joseph Rouletabille is haunted by the memory of a woman who used to visit him when he was at boarding school many years ago. He can still recall the fragrance of the perfume she used to wear and is convinced that this strange woman has some close connection with him. Before he can resolve this mystery, Rouletabille learns that his friend Mathilde Stangerson is in danger and rushes to her aid with his loyal friend Sinclair. Mathilde has just married her fiancé Robert Darzac and the couple are enjoying their honeymoon in the company of some friends in the south of France. Rouletabille is incredulous when Mathilde claims to have caught a glimpse of her mortal enemy Larsan, better known as the illusionist Ballmeyer. The world knows that Larsan is dead, having died on stage when one of his escapology acts went horribly wrong. If Larsan is alive then Mathilde has good reason to be afraid. Little does she know that he is much closer to her than she realises...


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... son un peu faiblard/sound a bit light ...
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