La principessa nuda [The Nude Princess] (1976) - Cesare Canevari [+Extras]

La principessa nuda [The Nude Princess] (1976) - Cesare Canevari [+Extras]


When a delegation from the African country of Taslamia, headed by its prime minister, Princess Mariam (Ajita Wilson), who also happens to be the lover of that country's dictator, Kaboto, arrives in Milan, various Italian businessmen compete frantically for her financial and sexual favors. Meanwhile, the young woman herself engages in sexually charged conversations with several different persons, is stalked by a pair of reporters, indulges in a couple of orgies, and has numerous sexual encounters with both male and female partners. As she is involved in these diverse activities, Princess Mariam takes advantage of nearly every opportunity presented to her to remove her clothing, as does virtually every other female character in the film.

Genres........: Drama
Country.......: Italy
Language....: Italian for film / English for extras
Subtitle.......: English(.srt)
Size............: 1.01GB

 Principessa nuda 1976.avi.001 Principessa nuda 1976.avi.002 Principessa nuda 1976.avi.003 Principessa nuda 1976.avi.004 Principessa nuda 1976.avi.005 Principessa nuda 1976.avi.006 Principessa nuda 1976.avi.007

English Subtitle: Principessa nuda 1976

Extras: Tina Aumont - Ten Years in Another Town (interview) Aumont interview.avi


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