La Faute à Voltaire (2001) - Abdellatif KECHICHE

(Drame) La Faute à Voltaire [DVDrip] 2001

RIP+UP | XviD-1127 | mp3@128 | 656x352 | French, Arabic (French subbed when arabic) | DVD Cover & Sticker | 2h06 | 1.2 Gb

France 14 Feb 2001
Realisation Abdellatif KECHICHE

Avec Aure Atika, Elodie Bouchez, Sami Bouajila...

For the Frenchies -->

Jallel, a young Tunisian man, arrives in France hoping to start a better life. By pretending to be an Algerian political refugee, he manages to get a temporary visa and a bed at a shelter for homeless people, where he makes a number of friends. At a bar, he falls under the spell of Nassera, a second-generation immigrant who is struggling to bring up her son single-handedly. Nassera agrees to marry Jallel so that he can obtain a permanent visa to stay in France, for a price. Jallel manages to find the money to pay Nassera by selling fruit and flowers in the Paris metro. The day of the wedding, Nassera gets second thoughts and abandons Jallel, who then falls into a deep depression. Jallel then finds himself in a hospital for the mentally ill, where he is befriended by an emotionally disturbed young woman, Lucie – who turns out to be a raving nymphomaniac. Shortly after leaving the hospital, Jallel again runs into Lucie, and discovers that she has attached herself to him...


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Kazanzaki said...

Il y a de bonnes critiques.
Merci, galmuchet.

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