A la deriva [Drifting] (2009)

A la deriva [Drifting] (2009)

Director: Ventura Pons | Writer: Ventura Pons; basado en la obra de Lluís Anton Baulenas. | Editor: Pere Abadal | Cast: María Molins (Anna), Roger Coma (Giró), Fernando Guillén (Arcadi), Albert Pérez (Carducci), Anna Azcona (Eufe), Oriol Tramvia (Tono), Marc Cartes (Àlex), Mercè Pons (Jordina), Boris Izaguirre (Floreal) | Music: Carles Cases | Genre: Drama, Erotic, Foreign | Runtime: 95 min | Cinematography: Joan Minguell | Format: DvdRip, color, Avi | Language: Spanish, with English subtitles included in rar files (srt) | Country: Spain


Synopsis: Drifting marks the third collaboration between Catalan auteur Ventura Pons and novelist Lluís-Anton Baulenas, and the third film in a trilogy, which also includes Anita Takes A Chance and Idiot Love. Anna has been in Africa working as a nurse for a non-governmental organization on the front lines of a violent conflict. But when she returns to Spain, she finds that her inability to process the experience upends her old life. She leaves her husband Ricard and moves out of their home, refusing to tell anyone where’s she’s going. While working as a security guard at an exclusive clinic she meets a troubled young man. He is unable to walk and refuses to reveal his identity, but the two are immediately drawn to one another. They begin a powerfully sexual and deeply codependent relationship as they struggle to get free of their respective demons. Pons’ reputation as an actor’s director shines true; Drifting is driven by the performance of Maria Molins (earning her a Gaudi nomination for the role).

Sinopsis: Anna regresa de África, donde ha trabajado dos años en una ONG, y se contrata como guardia de seguridad en un exclusivo centro de salud a las afueras de Barcelona. Al romper con su chico e irse de casa, un compañero de trabajo le deja una autocaravana como vivienda provisional. Pasa unas semanas en un camping desierto y después se instala en el aparcamiento de una área de servicio de la autopista. En una ronda nocturna del trabajo conoce a un joven, ingresado por orden judicial, que no camina por causa de una parálisis y que se niega a revelar su identidad. Ella sentirá una creciente atracción por él, que se materializará en una relación oscura y de dependencia. Pero Anna no puede sacarse África de la cabeza.

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