It (1927) - Clarence G. Badger

It (1927)

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Director: Clarence G. Badger
Writer: Elinor Glyn, Hope Loring

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Clara Bow, Antonio Moreno and William Austin

In 1927, novelist and author of erotica, Elinor Glyn, popularized the term “It”, “it” being sex appeal, sexuality. Because Glyn was so respectable (she looks like a society matron, with braids coiled around her head, and long flowing gowns) her endorsement of “It” as a concept was embraced by regular people. She made it okay to refer to sex. She wasn’t some vamp that society would want to shun. She tried to define “It”, and while the whole thing might seem rather silly now, it was a big deal at the time, and her definitions still hold. Sexiness may be overt, of course, but Glyn made the point that “indifference” was one of the key qualities of “It”. You KNOW you have “It”, so you don’t have to work too hard to show “It”. But that mix of confidence and indifference shows people that “you are not cold”. Some of the comments made about Elinor Glyn by her peers (Dorothy Parker, hilariously, said, “Elinor Glyn doesn’t have ‘It’. She has those.” hahaha) are hysterical, people who saw through the grande-dame pose, but the public loved the concept of “It”. Sex, in that context, was not dirty or “other” – it was something most people enjoyed, even “respectable” people, and why not have a little fun with it? Elinor Glyn sold her story “It” to Paramount for $50,000. She had listed a couple of people who had “It” and young Clara Bow, an up-and-coming actress, was one of them. The 1927 film It made Bow a superstar. She was the embodiment of the era, in the same way Zelda Fitzgerald was, and had the same manic voracious appetite for life. But, and this is key to her appeal, she wasn’t a “bad girl”, or a conniving manipulative gold-digger. She wanted to have fun, that’s all, like everyone did in the Roaring Twenties, and what’s wrong with a little fun?


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