The Hole (2001) Nick Hamm

The Hole (2001)

Genre: Mystery | Thriller
Director: Nick Hamm
Country: UK
Language: English
Subtitles: English (.srt file)
Aspect Ratio: Cinemascope 2.40:1
Length: 98mn
File: Dvdrip Divx Avi - 624x352 - 25fps - 701mb

Keira Knightley ... Frances 'Frankie' Almond Smith
Thora Birch ... Liz Dunn
Desmond Harrington ... Mike Steel
Daniel Brocklebank ... Martyn Taylor
Laurence Fox ... Geoff Bingham

One misty morning, Liz Dunn stumbles down the road to her school and screams for help. A police psychologist gets her to reveal her story: A month earlier: three rebellious teenagers - Mike, Frankie and Geoff are trying to ditch the school field trip to Wales. The school nerd Martin helps them out by allowing them to stay in an old war bunker for the three days on the condition that his friend Liz joins them. The teens go down, party and have great fun but Martin doesn't return to let them out and they hope and pray that someone will find them...

THE HOLE tells the tale of four British public (here it would be prep) school students messing around in an old bomb shelter. They accidentally get locked in. After several days, they begin to die off one by one. The lone survivor, played by Thora (GHOST WORLD) Birch, relates her horrific tale as the movie unfolds to investigators, including a doctor (Embeth Davidtz) who follows Birch through her recovery and eventually takes her back down into the shelter. A fellow student who led the four to the shelter is suspected of having locked them in, but has disappeared. This low-budget effort is less a horror flick than a psychological thriller, sort of HIGH TENSION without the barbed-wire baseball bat, although it has its share of grue and contains a couple of highly squeamish moments, the worst involving a pre-PIRATES Keira Knightley. It may remind some of SAW, and I would say rightly so. The end is a shocker, and Birch acts up a storm. Made about five years ago, this is some nasty stuff.


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