Hayat var [My Only Sunshine] (2008) - Reha Erdem

Hayat var [My Only Sunshine] (2008) - Reha Erdem


Hayat, her father and bedridden grandfather live in a riverside shack near the dangerously dark but breathtakingly beautiful waters of the Bosphorus. Hayat's father owns a small boat that secures the family's survival through a miscellany of not always lawful ventures. Beyond the motion and romance of the water, Hayat's life is harsh and unrelenting. But Hayat has an instinct for survival. Her capacity for courage, endurance and hope in the face of these trials suggest that there is Life despite the manifold injustices of an unjust world.

Genre: Drama
Country: Turkey,Greece,Bulgaria
Language: Turkish,English
Size: 1.37 Gb
Runtime: 1Hr 56 Mins 35Secs
Video Codec: XVID
Audio Codec: MP3
Subtitles: English (Not Hardcoded)
Format: AVI
Resolution: 720x288


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