Dolgie provody [A Long Goodbye] (1971) - Kira Muratova

Dolgie provody [A Long Goodbye] (1971) - Kira Muratova


Sasha was a sense of her life. Now, when the son grew older, she'll have more free time and it allowed responsive Mamontov care of themselves. After a summer visit her son to the father she began to notice a Sasha changes. Secretly read a letter from his father, she learned that her son wants to leave. She did not have enough wisdom to understand and accept changes in his son's life. And Sasha was thinner and stronger than the mother. For her sake he renounced his decision ...

Genres...........: Drama
Country.........: Soviet Union
Language.......: Russian | English
Subtitle.........: N/A
Size..............: 700Mb

 provody 1971.avi.001 provody 1971.avi.002 provody 1971.avi.003 provody 1971.avi.004

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