De Sade (1969) Cy Endfield, Roger Corman, Gordon Hessler

De Sade (1969)

Genre: Biography | Drama | Thriller
Director: Cy Endfield, Roger Corman, Gordon Hessler
Country: USA
Language: English or French (2 separate audio channels)
Subtitles: none
Aspect Ratio: Widescreen 1.85:1
Length: 103mn
File: Dvdrip Xvid Avi - 640x352 - 23fps - 1.09gb

Louis, The Marquis de Sade (Keir Dullea) lives in prison, dreaming of his past both as it happened and in imagined fantasy plays where he's tormented by the ghost of his evil uncle, the Abbe de Sade (John Huston). Indoctrinated at an early age in the possibilities of sex and cruelty by his uncle, Louis is tricked into a wedding with the homely Renee de Montreuil (Anna Massey) by her conniving mother (Lilli Palmer), when he thought he was to marry her younger, dreamboat sister Anne (Senta Berger). Anne becomes a representative of the 'moment of reality' that the Marquis seeks throughout his debauched life, ignoring his wife and outraging his family with his scandals of sex laced with wanton cruelty. Periodically imprisoned by his own relatives, he is finally put away for good when framed for the murder of Anne, who actually died of the plague. He's still seeking the mystery of his life as a feeble old man who can't even rise from his prison cot.

Looking at it today, this film is a pretty tame story of the infamous DeSade, but at least it is the most highest budget version of th story, with a much better cast for this sort of material. What was once deemed X is pretty tame R by todays standards. Keir Dullea makes a very convincing DeSade without overacting, and John Huston brings integrity to the film with his powering presence. And the soundtrack is very good, the only thing odd is the beginning credit animation sequence, which looks like it came out of a psychedelic film, as you see a shadow painting of a bird man juggling a ball, then turning into a guy and a chick and a horse!!! Looks like it belongs in an animation short or something. Still check it out if you want to see a "Hollywood" version of the infamous character, told way too many times in cheapo Euro versions!


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