Bal (Honey) (2010) - Semih Kaplanoglu

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The young boy Yusuf\'s best friend is his father, who supports his family\'s modest life with the honey he collects from tall trees in the forests of the remote Turkish countryside. Yusuf is a quiet boy, and his mother is concerned for his future. Perhaps he will follow in his father\'s footsteps, or perhaps school will offer him other opportunities. But the honey crop is failing, and Yusuf has trouble learning how to read. The greatest fear strikes when Yusuf\'s father doesn\'t return home from the forest.

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bloedprop said...

Any subs?

Tja said...

bloedprop said...

Cool, thanks for posting this!

ChakaTorres said...

any link on rapidshare or megaupload...please!!!!

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