Baixio das Bestas (Bog Of Beasts) (2006) - Cláudio Assis

Baixio das Bestas (Bog Of Beasts) (2006)

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Director: Cláudio Assis
Writer: Hilton Lacerda

9 wins & 6 nominations

Video: XVID | 656x288 | Framerate: 23.976023 | Sound: mpga | Color: Color | Size: 701 MB | Runtime: 84 min | Country: Brazil | Language: Portuguese | Genre: Drama

Brazilian, Dutch, English, French, Portuguese, Spanish

Caio Blat, Matheus Nachtergaele and Fernando Teixeira
and more...

In the countryside of Pernambuco, in a small village nearby a sugarcane plantation and an alcohol plant, the despicable and cheap Heitor abuses of his sixteen year-old granddaughter Auxiliadora, submitting her to slavery and humiliations during the days, and every now and then exposing her naked body to truck drivers in a gas station in the night to raise additional money. The group of potheads leaded by Everardo spends their time in violent orgies with prostitutes, drinking booze and smoking marijuana, and the mean and sadistic Cícero desires the virgin Auxiliadora.


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ഒരു വിളിപ്പാടകലെ said...

i downloaded all the 8 files, but cudnt play the movie in vlc. pl help

Diego Linares said...

file seven don't work!!!

galmuchet said...

@ Diego ... plz read correctly the message ... it works ... it's only temporarly ... try again later ...

EdwinS said...

Thank you so much!!!!!!

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