The Atrocity Exhibition (2000) Jonathan Weiss

The Atrocity Exhibition (2000)

Genre: Drama | Horror
Director: Jonathan Weiss
Country: USA
Language: English
Subtitles: none
Aspect Ratio: 1.33:1
Length: 102mn
File: Dvdrip Xvid Avi - 640x480 - 25fps - 1.33gb

THE ATROCITY EXHIBITION is a faithful adaptation of the 1970 novel of the same name by J.G. Ballard (author of EMPIRE OF THE SUN and CRASH). Jonathan Weiss' filmed adaptation concerns a doctor in a mental research institution who goes insane at the spectacle of the horrors of the end of the twentieth century, especially those communicated through modern media and broadcasting. The film makes extensive use of rare archival footage acquired from such varied sources as the Nuclear Defense Agency, the Car Crash Analysis Library, and the Zapruder Estate. Weiss incorporates this footage into the narrative, weaving fact and fiction to create a unique film experience.

Ballard, whose other works were crafted into films by Steven Spielberg and David Cronenberg, writes of Weiss' film: "What a superb adaptation it is - it takes the logic of the book and translates it almost seamlessly into a very different medium...a ceaseless flow of atmospheric locations."

While definitely not for everyone, this movie effectively captures J.G. Ballard's difficult novel of the same name. More visual than literal, The Atrocity Exhibition forces the viewer to re-think the art of film and of story telling. It effectively communicates in a new language that caused some who saw it to declare that it 'changed their lives'. It changed mine as well, although I'm not exactly sure in what way. And while I can't say that I completely 'got ' the story, the story that I got was fascinating and one that I can't forget. I've since read the book and that certainly helped, but it wasn't necessary to enjoy the film. This film stands as one of my favorites alongside the best works of Kubrick, the Coen brothers and Hitchcock.


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bwana said...

Great! But why no subtitles? This dvd release has Dutch, Spanish, French and German. By the way, I have translated the Greek edition, so a friend and I also made the Greek subtitles - if anyone is interested...

Peter said...

Thanks for this!
Also, there is a great BBC doc on Ballard, "Shanghai Jim", avilable for download or watching here:

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