Whispers and Moans (2007) Herman Yau

Whispers and Moans (2007)
aka Sing kung chok tse sup yut tam

Genre: Drama
Director: Herman Yau
Country: HK
Language: Cantonese
Subtitles: English (idx/sub file)
Aspect Ratio: Widescreen 1.85:1
Length: 99mn
File: Dvdrip Xvid Avi - 608x336 - 23fps - 698mb

Coco (Athena Chu) is a veteran mamasan, whose career in the sex trade industry has seen better days. Coco discovers that one of her regular johns is seeing transvestite prostitute Jo (Don Li), and another one (Kenny Wong) is starting to develop an interest in other working girls. Even worse, Coco contracts a venereal disease, and discovers that she may have infected her young daughter. Club girl Nana (Mandy Chiang) receives a marriage proposal from her longtime boyfriend, who unfortunately has no idea what she does for a living. Her sister Aida (Monie Tung) is in even worse straits; having lost her standing at the hostess club due to her drug use, Aida descends to the role of streetwalker. With Mainland prostitutes attracting more customers, and the hostess club in danger of closing down, where can these career working girls find hope? Meanwhile, a social worker (Yan Ng) shows up at the club, proposing a "Sex Workers Union" to restore dignity to the working girl life...

A featured world premiere at the 31st Hong Kong International Film Festival, Whispers and Moans is yet another change-up from versatile director Herman Yau. The director of the cult Category III chiller The Untold Story, Yau brings us a different sort of Category III film this time: an adult-themed social drama about the stark realities behind Hong Kong's prostitution trade. Joining Yau is a strong cast, including Athena Chu (A Chinese Odyssey Part II), Candace Yu (2 Young), and Monie Tung (My Mother is a Belly Dancer), plus singers Patrick Tang, Yan Ng, Mandy Chiang, and Don Li - who defies expectations in a role as a transvestite prostitute saving for a sex change operation. Based on a book of interviews with real-life Hong Kong prostitutes, Whispers and Moans is an unexpected, intelligent, and human portrait of the city and its unique culture.


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