À travers la forêt (2005) - Jean Paul Civeyrac


À travers la forêt - Jean Paul Civeyrac (2005)
aka: "Through the Forest"
DVDRIP | 60 min | MKV-x264 720x304 | 25 fps | AC3 192 kb/s | 739 MB
Language: French | Subtitles: English - Spanish .srt | Genre: Drama - Fantasy - Art-house

Director: Jean Paul Civeyrac
Writer: Jean Paul Civeyrac
France - 2005 - color
Cast: Camille Berthomier, Aurélien Wiik, Morgane Hainaux, Alice Dubuisson, Mireille Roussel, Aurélien Deseez, Valérie Crunchant, Jason Ciarapica

Told in ten "chapters," each composed of a single tracking shot, Jean-Paul Civeyrac's Through the Forest opens on Armelle, who blissfully awakens from a night of passion with her boyfriend, Renaud. She gets up, opens the curtains, lets the sunshine in, and sings a happy song to her man, trying to coax him out of bed. But a moment later, he's vanished and the room has gone dreary and gray. It turns out that Renaud died in a motorcycle accident some time ago, and Armelle remains tormented by these frequent encounters with what she can only believe is his ghost. One of her sisters, Bérénice, involved in a frustratingly noncommittal relationship herself, refuses to take Armelle's claims seriously, while her other sister, the flighty Roxanne encourages Armelle to visit a medium. The medium proves to be of no help, but while she's there, Armelle sees a young man, Hippolyte, who bears an uncanny resemblance to her lost love...



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