Seconds (1966) - John Frankenheimer

Seconds (1966)

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Director: John Frankenheimer
Writers: David Ely & Lewis John Carlino

Video: DX50 | 704X400 | Framerate: 23.976023 | Sound: mpga | Color: Black and Withe | Size: 1.36 GB | Runtime: 107 min | Country: USA | Language: English | Genre: Sci-Fi | Thriller | Mystery | Drama

Subtitels: English | French | Greek | Portuguese-BR | Romanian | Serbian | Spanish | Turkish

Rock Hudson... Antiochus 'Tony' Wilson
Salome Jens... Nora Marcus
John Randolph... Arthur Hamilton
Will Geer... Old Man
Jeff Corey... Mr. Ruby
Richard Anderson... Dr. Innes
Murray Hamilton... Charlie Evans
Karl Swenson... Dr. Morris
Khigh Dhiegh... Davalo
Frances Reid... Emily Hamilton
Wesley Addy... John
John Lawrence... Texan
Elisabeth Fraser... Plump Blonde
Dodie Heath... Sue Bushman (as Dody Heath)
Robert Brubaker... Mayberry
and many more...

Arthur Hamilton is a middle aged New York banker living in Scarsdale. He's married with a grown daughter he rarely sees anymore. He is generally disengaged from everything in his life. Based on a series of telephone calls he receives from his supposedly deceased friend Charlie Evans, Arthur is drawn into a company that provides him with a second chance in life. Initially resisting this opportunity, 'they' convince him that he has little to live for in his current life, which includes a past indiscretion, albeit one unintentional on his part. His 'rebirth' will include a cadaver to replace his current body after his death, enough money for his current family to live comfortably after his departure, enough money for his new start in life, a surgical make-over of his current self, and a new identity based on his subconscious desires. This new identity is as a Malibu based painter christened Antiochus 'Tony' Wilson. To assist him in this transition to Tony Wilson, the company provides him with a counselor of sorts, acting as a live-in housekeeper named John, who attends to whatever Tony requires emotionally to make the transition successfully. Even with John's help, Tony is finding it difficult to make the transition, despite or perhaps in spite of meeting a woman named Nora Marcus, with whom he falls in love. He has to discover where he went wrong in his life as Arthur Hamilton and where he went wrong in his transition to Tony Wilson before he can find out where he wants to go and how to achieve getting there. But will the company help him achieve what he wants?


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