Sebastiane (1976) - Derek Jarman

300 A.D. : the Roman Sebastianus is exiled to a remote outpost populated exclusively by men. Weakened by their desires, these men turn to homosexual activities to satisfy their needs. However, Sebastianus becomes the target of lust for a homosexual centurion, but he rejects the man's advances.
Certainly not one for homophobes.

Visually striking (as is typical of Jarman), this film is best known for being the first film to be filmed entirely in Latin (The Holy Office (from Spain) in 1975 had some dialogue in Latin, but also Hebrew), and also for being Jarman's debut feature (he had worked on three pictures beforehand, including Ken Russell's The Devils, but this was his first directing job). As with most of Jarman's work, Sebastiane is very arthouse, and will rarely be played on television (Channel 4 here in the UK last played it a few years ago in a Jarman season). Next time it's on, do as I intend to do, and watch it.

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laduqesa said...

What a shame I don't subscribe to filesonic. There are some good Arabic films here too that I can't download.

Never mind. Thanks for the share

catinga said...

It's a shame that people might want to look at this movie simply as a gay one. There certainly is a strong homoerotic atmosphere and gay men will like it for sure but the simple fact that it is spoken in Latin (though, I guess, the educated version of the language and not the common kind that soldiers would use) makes this film a very interesting one indeed.

I remember staying awake all night long watching a special TV Gay Night (and having to put up with the disgusting "Querelle") just to see this piece of "history". That's what is it to me: a lesson in History.

flaflatw said...

I did not watch that one, But I remember Querelle.
A very nice/interesting one (with Jeanne Moreau if my memory is correct)

klikxy said...

oh noooo, filesonic again! please do not use it!!

Piè said...

Links broken. Can you please fix them. Thank you.
I saw this movie ones and I would like to see it again.

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