Sarong Banggi (One Night) (2005) - Emmanuel Dela Cruz

Melba is a prostitute past her prime who plies her trade by Manila Bay. A group of teenagers have hired her to give their friend an initiation into the adult world on his birthday. As the film opens, she sits alone at a table, passing the time by imagining stories about people passing based on their body language and facial expressions. In the voice-over monologue it is suggested that she feels lonely and is longing for someone whom she had abandoned earlier in her life. Her teenage clients apparently rejected her, noticing she was already aging. But the birthday celebrant, Nyoy, still ends up going to her and joining her at her table. They chat for a while then part ways. As fate would have it, however, they coincidentally cross paths once more later that night. Towards the end of the film, a disturbing secret is revealed.

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