Respiro: Grazia's Island (2002) - Emanuele Crialese


For some, village life can be as cruel as it is heartwarming, as suffocating as it is charming...Grazia is the affectionate young mother of a teenage girl and two boys. She sings along to Patti Bravo hits and finds ways to amuse herself and her children. But her free-spirited attitude causes talk in the entire village. Her husband, Pietro, lovingly stands by Grazia, but her high-strung temperament continues to create harsh opinions about her. When her reckless behaviour becomes misinterpreted as clinical, her husband's family decides Grazia needs medical treatment in far-away Milan. But Grazia will have no part in this.

Her 13-year-old son Pasquale will find a way to protect the touching bond they share.

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