Redeu-ai (Redeye) (2005) - Dong-bin Kim

Redeu-ai (Redeye) (2005)

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Director: Dong-bin Kim

Video: XVID | 640X352 | Framerate: 23.976 | Sound: mpga | Color: Color | Size: 700 MB | Runtime: 96 min | Country: South Korea | Language: Korean | Subtitels: English .srt | Genre: Horror

Shin-yeong Jang... Oh Mi-sun
Ji-min Kwak... So-hee
Dong-kyu Lee... Jin-kyu
Hye-na Kim... Hee-joo
Eol Lee... Jong-hyun Oh
Hyeon-suk Kim... Jin-sook Jung
Yeong-suk Jeong
Dae-yeon Lee... Professor Kim
Won-sang Park... Jung-ho
Eun-seo Choi
Ju-hie Ha
Hyo-ju Park
Il-guk Song... Park Chan-shik

When a new stewardess joins the night shift crew of the train, she find that some mystic events become occur during the train night run. As the film goes we see that the train has more hidden secrets that lead to a suspicion that it might be linked to the crash of the same train several years ago. The 'spooky' train becomes a living thing and slowly starting to claim victims. Will the lady be able to stop this or all of the people aboard this train doomed?

"Red Eye" flashes forwards almost two decades ago to find new train attendant Mi Sun as she takes the last train of the day in a torrential downpour.Things seem normal at first,but suddenly the train begins to stop every ten minutes.Strangely,when the train resumes its course,everything inside has changed.In the late 80's a horrific train accident resulted in the death of a hundreds victims.The cause of the disaster was never determined and the case became unsolved."Red Eye" by Kim Dong Bin is almost a typical haunted house flick.There's the strange noise and glimpses of something dark and horrifying,the passengers of the train get increasingly disturbed and those who wander off by themselves meet a gruesome end.The train setting provides some spooky moments and there is enough creepiness to satisfy fans of Asian horror.Give it a look.8 out of 10.


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