The Punisher (1989) - Mark Goldblatt

The Punisher


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Country: Australia, USA
Year: 1989
Genre: Action, Crime, Drama, Thriller
Runtime: 1h 29mn
Language: English
Subtitles: None
Director: Mark Goldblatt
Dolph Lundgren ... Frank Castle
Louis Gosset Jr ... Jake Berkowitz

Based on the Marvel Comic, Dolph Lundgren is Frank Castle an ex-cop who lives in the sewers and acts as judge, jury, and executioner to the city's criminals in retaliation for the unpunished murders of his wife and kids. Frank's ex-partner Jake (Louis Gossett Jr.) finally catches up with the vigilante as he tries to stop the Japanese mob, which is trying to take over the city's mafia operation.

This version of the Punisher is much different than the 2004 version. For one thing it is much darker, and probably more faithful to the comic book version. The pacing is very deliberate in this one,creating more atmosphere. There are some very good fight scenes in this movie. The biggest difference is the protagonist, which is much more deadly in this one and a worthy adversary for the Punisher. Dolph Lundgren plays the role in this incarnation and is much more imposing, with better physical presence. This is mainly due to his size. He definitely would inspire fear in the criminal element. Lundgren is not really a great actor,but he doesn't need to be for this role. Overall,this a good movie, more subdued than the 2004 version. There is more physical action, but very little of things blowing up, which works in this film's favor.




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