Niin lähellä, niin kaukana (Until the Summer Ends) (2003) - Janne Heinonen


A story about a friendship, love and the last summer together. Four high school graduates have to start thinking about their lives, relationships and future before the summer ends.

IMDB Comment: I had an opportunity to see the film at a Finnish film festival "Kettupäivät" last month, and I just had to comment on it, when I noticed that it was listed here at IMDB, and learned from the film's website that it will be released on DVD.

The movie was very beautiful and the story was very well told. It had believable characters and filmmakers managed to touch the viewer with their storytelling. Even though this is a student film, it doesn't seem like one. It can be compared with any "real" film in Finland nowadays, and that was nice to notice.

"Niin lähellä, niin kaukana" is full of heart and nostalgia. The film has very warm atmosphere and you really start to care about the characters. You realize you miss them when the film ends, and that is a good sign. I especially liked the leading actress Sari Tero who played Jenni in the film, she was casted successfully. Teemu Lehtilä as her father was also very believable, at his best really.

What can I say more.. Sure it has it's weaknesses but it really isn't hard to get over them. Very well directed and cinematographed short film with great music and landscapes. A beautiful little film about nothing more than life and relationships, as simple as that.

This is made with heart. Recommended.

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