La sorella di Ursula [Curse of Ursula] (1978) - Enzo Milioni

La sorella di Ursula [Curse of Ursula] (1978) - Enzo Milioni

This delightfully sleazy exploitation film from director Enzo Milioni spices up its familiar Italian thriller trappings with a great deal of surprisingly graphic soft-core sex and one of the more unusual murder weapons in giallo cinema.
Ursula checks into a picturesque seaside hotel with her sister Dagmar. Naturally, a mysterious killer with black gloves starts stabbing his way through the guest list. Literalizing the Freudian symbolism that characterizes the subgenre, the killer's weapon of choice is a large dildo.
The film features a suitably ridiculous soundtrack by Mimmi Uva, punctuated by the usual feminine trilling and synthesizers, as well as numerous close-ups of people's eyes -- an annoyingly obsessive theme in many European horror films. Indeed, the theme song is entitled "Eyes" and the Spanish title translates to "Death Is in the Eyes."


Genre: Drama | Horror | Thriller
Runtime: 95 minutes (1:34:53)
Country: Italy
Language: Italian
Subtitles: English (.srt)

Size...........: 696mb
Format.......: avi
Resolution...: 592 x 320





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