La mujer de Benjamin [Benjamin's Woman] (1991) Carlos Carrera

La mujer de Benjamin [Benjamin's Woman] (1991) Carlos Carrera
Director: Carlos Carrera | Writers: Carlos Carrera, Ignacio Ortiz | Editor: Sigfrido Barjau, Óscar Figueroa | Cast: Eduardo Lopez Rojas - Benjamin, Arcelia Ramirez - Natividad, Malena Doria - Micaela; Eduardo Palomo - Leandro, Ana Bertha Espin - Natividad's Mother, Vivian Cruz, Farnesio de Bernal, María Elena García | Cinematographer: Xavier Pérez Grobet | Genre: Comedy, Foreign | Awards: 9 wins & 13 nominations | Runtime: 89 mins | Format: Dvd5, Color, NTSC | Language: Spanish, with English subtitles | Country: Mexico


DVD Info:
Format: Dvd5, NTSC, Full Screen, Subtitled | Region: 1 | Aspect Ratio: 1.33:1 | Audio: Spanish, Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo| Subtitles: English & Spanish | 45 files total, 44 files of 93.32Mb & 1 file of 56.81Mb split with WinRar, no password | Scene Selections: Yes | Menu: Yes | Extras: Yes

Synopsis: When he's not in his store working with his sharp-tongued, disagreeable sister, Benjamin, who never married, hangs out with his cronies. However, whenever the lovely and virginal teenager Natividad walks by, a hush falls over his group. Benjamin's gaze, in particular, remains fixed on her departing figure. The lads have noticed this and teasingly suggest that the overweight, fiftyish bachelor should kidnap her. One day, he actually does this. However, once he has her in his rooms he is much too shy to do anything with her. On the other hand, the far-from-innocent Natividad considers him to be a much better catch than anyone else she has seen in town (including her current boyfriend), and he appears to be someone who can be easily manipulated, so she refuses to leave. Instead, she quickly makes herself the dominant figure in his household...

This well-crafted and intelligent movie with its critically acclaimed ensemble cast unfolds the conflict and frustration that can arise out of unfulfilled desire. Natividad, a beautiful young woman, who dreams of leaving her small town behind and traveling the world, is looking for help to achieve her goal. Is her best bet the handsome deliveryman, Leandro, of the middle-aged, somewhat slow-witted Benjamin, who is secretly in love with her? Acting on his friends' ill-advised suggestion, Benjamin kidnaps Natividad in hopes of forcing her to love him, which sets into action a series of unforeseen events.



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