Kong zi (Confucius) (2010) Mei Hu

Kong zi (Confucius) (2010) Mei Hu
Dvd-5 NTSC
Director: Mei Hu | Writers: Chan Hon, He Yanjiang, Jiang Qitao, Hu Mei | Cast: Chow Yun-Fat, Chen Daoming, Zhou Xun, Lu Yi, Yao Lu, Chen Jianbin, Zhang Kaili, Jiao Huang, Ren Quan, Wang Ban | Music: Su Cong, Zhao Jiping | Cinematography: Peter Pau | Language: Mandarin, with English and Spanish subtitles | Genre: Drama, Biography, Foreign | Runtime: 115 Min | Country: China


Dvd Information:
Format: Box set, Color, DVD-5, NTSC | Audio: Chinese Dolby 5.1, Chinese Dolby 2.0 | Subtitles: English & Spanish | Extras: Scene Selections | Aspect Ratio: 1.33:1

Synopsis: It speaks much of a man when his name is still mentioned as one of the greatest philosophers in Chinese history after more than 2,500 years- but such is the influence of Confucius. Admittedly though, most, if not all, of what we know about Confucius derives from his teachings, or his words of wisdom- indeed, we know little of the life of Confucius and more interestingly, the source of his insight. Hu Mei’s “Confucius” is therefore highly anticipated, since there hasn’t been a single biopic of the man as far as this reviewer can recall. But the anticipation is even greater knowing that Chow Yun-Fat is in the lead role, the charismatic Hong Kong actor’s big screen appearances of late have been few and far between (his last Chinese film was Zhang Yimou’s period drama “Curse of the Golden Flower”). The movie begins with a middle-aged Confucius in the northern kingdom of Lu where he has just been made the Minister of Law by the King. Apparently, Confucius’ teachings have had a powerful influence on the people in his district- crime rates are low and people are content- and the King wants him to spread his word to others in the kingdom. Wise as they may be, his thinking was ahead of his time, so when he disregards the traditional practice of burying servants with their dead masters and adopts one such runaway boy, he unwittingly makes enemies with the other government officials...

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Danny said...

I can't find subs

JayCam said...

Danny, this is a DvdR, the subtitles, English, Spanish & Mandarin are in the Dvd. You have to go to STUP and choose the subtitles you want to display in your player.

Danny said...

OK thanks

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