The Image (1975) - Radley Metzger

Jean discovers that Anne cannot get enough of being humiliated by her mistress, Claire. Gentleman that he is, he decides to partake in the activities. Ultimately, Claire surrenders to him as well.

IMDB Comment: I bought several erotic movies for my girlfriend and me and out of all of them I have found this one to be the best so far. The DVD has some scenes where there are lines in the picture but they do not take away from the movie, for being such an old movie it transferred well to DVD. I have to admit that I did not think that the movie would get so explicit in some of the scenes, but I think that just made it even better.

If you want a very erotic movie then this one is great. There are some scenes that are a little annoying, like screaming for five or so minutes, but overall it is great. I would not buy it if you are looking for a porno, but there are several scenes that you would see in a porno.

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The Close Reader said...

The links and images seem to be for Barbet Schroeder's Maitresse, not Images.

PE_35 said...

is it possible to know is finally it's the image ( i already have this one ) or la maitresse 1976 (with Gerard Depardieu and Bulle Ogier i think ) ?


southmike said...

This actually Barbet's Shroeder's Maitresse

sfb2 said...

The second images and the links are for "La Maitresse (1976)" with Depardieu and Ogier...
So the title,the main thumbnail and the text and the imdb-link are wrong...(or vice versa ;-))..
Anyway, great movie this one...

Pay Commission said...

THANKS to Forbidden||Soul for continuous effort for foreign movies.

Link for downloading The Image (1975) - Radley Metzger

903.93 MB

Dont forget to say THANX.

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