Heimat 3 - Chronik einer Zeitenwende (2004) - Edgar Reitz

Heimat 3 - Chronik einer Zeitenwende (2004)
Homeland 3: Chronicle of a Changing Time


Director: Edgar Reitz
Writers: Edgar Reitz & Thomas Brussig

Awards: 2 nominations

Video: XVID | 640x352 | Framerate: 25 | Sound: mpga | Color: Black and White | Color | Size: 4.09 GB | Runtime: 689 min | Country: Germany | UK | Language: German | Subtitel: English .srt | no other subs found up to now | Genre: Drama

Henry Arnold... Hermann Simon (6 episodes, 2004)
Salome Kammer... Clarissa Lichtblau (6 episodes, 2004)
Peter Schneider... Tillmann Becker (6 episodes, 2004)
Uwe Steimle... Gunnar Brehme (6 episodes, 2004)
Tom Quaas... Udo (6 episodes, 2004)
Antje Brauner... Jana (6 episodes, 2004)
Larissa Iwlewa... Galina (6 episodes, 2004)
Michael Kausch... Ernst Simon (6 episodes, 2004)
Mathias Kniesbeck... Anton Simon (6 episodes, 2004)
Christian Leonard... Hartmut Simon (6 episodes, 2004)
Nicola Schössler... Lulu Simon (6 episodes, 2004)
Constanze Wetzel... Mara (6 episodes, 2004)
Caspar Arnhold... Roland (2 episodes, 2004)

This is not only a sequel to the "Second Heimat", but also a chronicle of a very decisive decade for Germany (1989 to 2000). The main couple of the mini-series released in 1992, Hermann Simon and Clarissa Lichtbau (played by the same actors), reunite after almost exactly 19 years. Their last night of love in November 1970 closed the previous series. Now, on November 9th, 1989, when the Berlin Wall falls, Hermann and Clarissa meet each other again by mere chance. Surrounded by celebrations, the former lovers bring each other up to date, and reestablish a relationship. Hermann has become a well known maestro and Clarissa, a respected singer, but both lead solitary lives. Clarissa takes Hermann back to his birthplace, Schabbach where he can revisit his brothers, Ernst and Anton (the same actors from Heimat 1), who stayed on there, and extended family and friends. Nearby on a hill, is the house of Clarissa's dreams, a mansion in ruins. Another national party uniting Germany, the 1990 World Cup championship, marks the reconstruction of this mansion as the new home for the old/new couple. From then on, life in the Hunsrück region takes its course, with new inhabitants, old and new generations interacting. Events continue to be highlighted by now-historic developments, such as the 1992 withdrawal of American troops who were based there for almost 50 years, and new ties with the old enemy Russia.



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Heimat 3 Subtitels English in srt for all
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