Guimba, un tyran une époque (1995) - Cheick Oumar Sissoko

Guimba, un tyran une époque (1995) - Cheick Oumar Sissoko

The film opens with a village griot reciting the story of Guimba the tyrant, of the Dunbuya family. The setting moves to an old Malian village ruled by the evil and tyrannical leader Guimba and his dwarf son Janguine. Janguine has been betrothed from childhood to the village beauty Kani from the Diarra family - the other powerful family in the village. Janguine, however, has his eyes on Kani's well-endowed mother Meya, and hence Guimba offers to marry Kani, asking Kani's father for a divorce so that Janguine can marry Meya. When he refuses, he is banished from the village. Protests break out, leading to the killings, and subjugation.
As the village gets embroiled in a civil war, Kani manages to escape to her father's camp on horseback with Guimba unsuccessfully giving chase. Guimba's slave is also welcomed into the rebel camp. She is dressed up provocatively and sent back to the village, causing both Guimba and Janguine to fall for her. Guimba kills his son over her, and chases her out of the village and into a trap - leading to his downfall.


Genres:Comedy | Drama
Country:Mali | Burkina Faso | Germany
Language:French | Peul | Bambara
Subtitle: English (Hardcoded)

Size..............: 699.50 MB
Format..........: avi
Runtime.........: 01:33:48
Resolution......: 544 X 336
Audio............: mp3


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