En la puta vida [In This Tricky Life] (2001) - Beatriz Flores Silva

En la puta vida [In This Tricky Life] (2001) - Beatriz Flores Silva

Montevideo, Uruguay. In this comedic drama, Elisa, 27, dreams of opening her own hairdressing salon in one of the rich districts of the Uruguayan capital. A bit of a rebel, one day Elisa moves out of her mother's house with her two children and breaks up with Garcia, her boss and lover who has infuriated her by not wanting to get married. So, in the space of twenty-four hours, Elisa finds herself without a roof over her head, without a man, without a job and without money. Her best friend Loulou finds her a job - in the brothel run by Dona Jacqueline. And without really being aware of it, Elisa slides into prostitution, which leads her to Barcelona. She falls in love, she is exploited, she gets involved in transvestite gang wars, and meanwhile just dreams of earning enough money for her little beauty salon back home.


Genres........:Comedy | Drama | Crime
Country.........:Uruguay | Argentina | Cuba | Spain | Belgium
Subtitle.....: English (.srt)

Format : DivX
File size : 702 MiB
Duration : 1h 40mn
Overall bit rate : 976 Kbps
Format : MPEG-4 Visual
Bit rate : 882 Kbps
Audio Format : MPEG Audio


Pindu said...

Sorry but who uses filesonic? Thanks for the effort though.

flaflatw said...

Already posted at SMz a long time ago :


flaflatw said...

Forgot : for english sub :


I got premium with filesonic and it is impossible to download anything...i thing this is a robe

Jose Maria said...

i dont have premium with filesonic... and i can download it. :S
But only can download one part for a day. it doesnt matter

perhaps i prefer mediafire or megaupload.

great blog.

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